I ran into a couple compilation problems installing Dionaea in Ubuntu Server 13.04 Raring so I thought I would share my experiences here to help anyone else who may be trying to do the same.

Problem: Compilation warnings are treated as errors by default. Solution: Append the following option to your configure command line


Problem: There appear to be linking issues related to SSL. Solution: The solution here is two-fold. First, you need to specify the location of the ssl libraries in your configure command line:


The second issue is that some requirements appear to be transittioned from libssl and are now in libcrypto, which means we need to add libcrypto to our linker command line. The way I accomplished this was modifying the configure script (line 13551) to add -lcrypto to the command line options.

LIB_SSL_LIBS="-L$ssl_lib -lssl -lcrypto "