These instructions assume you are using Network-Manager and running Ubuntu 14.04 or OpenSuse 13.1. I have not tested this on other versions.

First check your prerequisites. Drexel uses a Cisco VPN server. Make sure you have network-manager-vpnc installed in Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install network-manager-vpnc

Or in OpenSuse:

sudo zypper in NetworkManager-vpnc

Next, use Network Manager to to setup the VPN connection.

  • Right click on the Network Manager tray icon and select VPN Connections -> Configure VPN
  • Select New.
  • For connection type, select “Cisco Compatible VPN (vpnc)”.
  • Enter the following information (from Drexel’s VPN instructions)
    • Connection name: Drexel VPN (just so you don’t get confused later)
    • Gateway:
    • User name: your Drexel username
    • Password: your Drexel password
    • Group ID: DrexelVPN
    • Group Password: n0cB5tqdmV (the second character is a zero)
  • Save the new connection when finished.
  • Connect to the VPN by right clicking the Network Manager tray icon and selecting VPN Connections -> Drexel VPN